A UNIQUE 360 DEGREE GAME WITH STUNNING VISUALS, AMAZING MUSIC AND ONLINE FEATURES!! Ever thought yourself as competitive? You will be after playing SCORB! This highly addictive game will have you coming back time and time again to stay on top of the leaderboard. It's all about the score, by using a variety of unique power-ups start joining the Scorb blocks together. Play and see if you can make the Orb all the same colour to get the ultimate Scorb score and join the Elite group of players who have achieved SCORB!!. Can you be number one in the world?
With Scorbs unique Score Feed you can track your progress with other players around the world, with friends, family and neighbours across all devices. Scorb Feed allows you to comment, like, share and read comments made by other players about your score. 45 music tracks with Soundcloud interaction allowing you to share your feelings about the track being played. See comments made by other listeners on Soundcloud all around the world!! A fun, addictive game with incredible visuals and music that will have your friends, family and the world trying to out Scorb you!!
The game is played on a 3D sphere, where the player must get as many of the same coloured Scorb blocks together.
The more Scorb blocks of one colour that are together the greater the points when the player collects.
The player has many power ups to utilise to gain a greater amount of Scorb blocks matching. Scorb is a fast paced fully social media aware action puzzle game for all age groups to play on all modern devices and has many unique features. It’s all about the score!!

A new and exciting 3D game played out on a sphere (an orb) where the aim of the game is to get the best score the player can possibly get in a variety of different game modes. When playing Scorb the player is competing against:
All other players in the world
All their friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
All other players that are geographically local to them
Themselves! All Player scores are added to a new system called the Scorb feed.
45 Music tracks with Soundcloud interaction
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